DTF Printing

DTF Printing is one of the newest print methods in the industry, offering a multicolour print option from small to large print runs. It is perfectly suited to single colour designs or multicoloured designs , along with the ability to accurately print very intricate and detailed designs.

Direct-To-Film or DTF is printed onto a film using a specialised printer and heat applied to garments. These can be applied to all types of garments across a range of fabrics. With a very high quality and accurate and detailed finish.

What type of garments can this be printed onto?

This method is suitable for nearly all garments. It can be printed onto light coloured or dark coloured fabrics and gives vibrant colour on both. It can be used for cotton, polycotton blends , polyester or nylon. So from cotton t-shirts to polyester teamwear , it does it all.

It can be used to print sportswear team badges and sponsors, intricate company logos for uniform or promotional garments. It has a wide variety of uses which makes it the perfect print method to accompany our other decoration options.

Is it a good print quality?

DTF is a very high quality print which accurately prints your design onto your chosen clothing. Using high grade DTG inks this method offers vibrant colours and excellent washability. To ensure long lasting and good quality prints.

If you have any enquiries then please contact us with details. We can help you to decide which is the best method of print or embroidery for your requirements.

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