Print & Embroidery methods explained


This method directly stitches your logo in thread onto the garment , a frame is put on the garment along with backing fabric and the garment embroidered. Embroidery offers a more prestigious looking and harder wearing decorative solution. Embroidery is priced upon the number of stitches in the design, not the amount of colours. We can do a stitchcount to advise this when quoting. We also offer the 3D Puff effect embroidery as can be seen below.

Minimum order of 10pcs on embroidery.

Vinyl Cut Printing

This is where a plotter cuts out the design and then they are heat applied to the garment; simple logos can be produced.

  • Max 2 colours.
  • Great for small run orders.
  • Only suitable for small quantities.
  • Limited detail.

Screen Printing

This method of printing is suited to volume orders due to the excellent print quality and detail, most t-shirts you see on the high street are screen printed.

  • Gives a professional long lasting print, the cheapest way to produce high volumes.
  • Not suitable for small orders, say less than about 50, due to the time it takes to set up the print run and screen costs.

DTG/DTF – (Direct To Garment/Direct To Film)

This is a great way of producing low volume personalised garments with complex colours, it is also the quickest way but is expensive to produce. Depending on the complexity of the design you may prefer to opt for vinyl cut lettering processes.

Digital Transfers

This method is suited to multicolour/intricate designs on a smaller run.