With over 15 years experience within the industry and creating embroidered logos, our skilled team here at www.tshirtprinting.com have a great attention to detail and the experience to create high quality embroidery.


How is embroidery done?

Firstly , we need a design or logo, and for you to choose the garments required. If it is a corporate role you are purchasing for , you may use poloshirts and softshell jackets to give that professional look.

Or if the requirement is for outdoor use, you may require hoodies, fleeces and/or wooly hats. All items can be embroidered.


The logo is then run through a digitizing software, this converts your logo into a format that the embroidery machines can understand. This tells the machine what types of stitch, colours, start and stop points etc. to make sure your logo is correctly translated to embroidery.

Once all set up and approved , it is time to start running the design on the machines.


We normally start out by running a sample embroidery on swatch fabric, this is to check that the start/stop points and all finishes are correct before we proceed with garments.

Once all ok the garments are framed up, this tightly holds the garment in place so the machines can embroider in the correct placing on the garment, whether this be to the left breast area or to the front of baseball caps.

Now it is time to start the embroidery. The high speed heads on our machines embroider one colour at a time, once the logo is embroidered any excess thread is trimmed.


Once all of the items are embroidered, the items are quality controlled and packed up. Your order is then dispatched with our couriers to your destination.

You then have your clothing branded and ready to wear.



If you have any enquiries then please contact us with details. We can help you to decide which is the best method of print or embroidery for your requirements.

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