Making sure you choose the correct uniform for your staff is essential, quality uniform with good branding can enhance your brand recognition and give the best impression to customers.

Here at we can help you choose the correct product and branding , our experience staff know the best products and method of branding to ensure you get the right product for your team.


What are your business needs? A few things to consider:

What roles are there within your company and do they require different workwear?

Are these outside or inside roles and so they require different workwear accordingly?

What garments are required?

How many members of staff are there?

Does your workwear need to conform to safety standards?

Do you need to bulk buy to achieve the lowest possible costs?

Do you require printing or embroidery?

What colour and sizes do you require in your garments?


Types of garments

Depending on your staff and whether they work outside or inside they may require different garments. If they work inside in summer they me best suited to a breathable t-shirt so they can keep cool , or if they work outdoors in winter a fleece or softshell might best to take away the winter chill.

You may require high-visibility vests in order to be visible to confirm to safety standards in the workplace. All garments can be decorated accordingly depending on your needs.



We offer printing and embroidery options, depending on your requirements. Printing is ideal for large area printing or bulk requirements due to the reduced costs. Printing can achieve vibrant colours and an excellent finish to perfectly match your brand requirements.

Embroidery offers a very professional look and durable finish with your logo or design stitched directly onto the garment, this is recommended for smaller left chest size logos.


If you have any enquiries then please contact us with details. We can help you to decide which is the best method of print or embroidery for your requirements.

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