When you are considering the best decoration option for your requirements , it ultimately comes down to printing or embroidery. Here we will explain printing and the individual options available and the best suitability.

Printing options

Vinyl Print  – Ideal for small runs and basic designs. The design is cut out by machine from single colour sheet of material and heat sealed onto garments.

DTF Print – Perfect for multicolour designs and intricate details. The newest form of print on offer, the design is printed using high quality DTG inks onto a backing film and heat applied to the garments.

Screenprinting – Good for large run orders. The ink is applied through a screen directly onto the garment using plastisol water based inks and cured leaving a great finish.

When choosing your decoration method you need to take into account a few things so that you can choose the best option for you.

What garments do you require and how many?

Vinyl print and DTF printing do not have a minimum order so suits smaller runs. Where as screenprint the minimum run is 25pcs, this method also has a set up cost so is much better suited to larger print runs.

How many colours is your design?

DTF printing can print any amount of colours and any size print run , so is perfect for multicolour vibrant designs.

Vinyl printing is ideally single colour print, with a possible 2 colour available depending on design.

Screenprinting is best suited to larger print runs , the more colours in the design the more expensive the print and set up costs. So it might be best to use DTF depending on the quantity.

What finish are you hoping to achieve?

Are you hoping to retail your products? If so you might be best choosing DTF with a soft handle finish with vibrant colours. Or a direct screenprint to give that authentic feel.

Or you might just require some cheap and cheerful t-shirts for a weekend away in which case vinyl print should suit your needs perfectly.

Cost factors?

When choosing the right print option for your garments , it is important to take all of the above factors into account. But a lot of the time the cost is one of,  if not the most important factor.

Simply put the less colours the design and the higher the quantity of garments the cheaper the cost.

For example 10 t-shirts with large multicolour prints front and back maybe a little costly per t-shirt, however 250 t-shirts printed 1 colour print to the front will work out fairly cheap per t-shirt.

So there are a fair few things to consider when choosing how to have your garments printed, and choosing the right options ensures you get the best quality printing to suit your needs.

We can assist with choosing the best printing option to suit you, all we need to know to help assist you is:

The type of garment ( T-Shirt, Hoody etc)

The quantity required

The design required

The date required

Then we can provide an accurate quotation.

If you have any enquiries then please contact us with details. We can help you to decide which is the best method of print or embroidery for your requirements.

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