How to choose the right T shirt for your printing?

Here at we have many options of t shirts available in our range. It is very important to choose the right t shirt for the right job. We cater to all budgets and occasions , whether have you a logo, photo or text printing. We have no minimum order on t shirt printing so you can order exactly what you need.

What material t shirt to choose?

Depending on the purpose of the t shirts, you need to choose the right option for the right requirements. If they are for a promotional event then perhaps a basic cotton t shirt would suffice, alternatively if they are for a sports event or to be used in a highly active job then perhaps the polyester breathable t shirts might be a better option. The polyester t shirts have a wicking properties with takes the sweat away from the skin.

What style t shirt to choose?

Whether your t shirts are to be used for a promotional event, fashion products or as workwear garments we have options available. If you are looking for a basic cotton t shirt then perhaps the Fruit of the Loom Valueweight T shirt might be the best option for you. If you require a more fitted style t shirt for fashion purposes then maybe the B&C #150 T shirt, or the Fruit of the Loom Iconic T Shirt might be the better choice. If you require breathable t shirts for workwear or sports events then perhaps the Just Cool by AWD is the best option for you, we offer both t shirts and vests in breathable polyester.

What colour to choose?

We offer t shirts in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit every need. If you work within a dirty environment you may want to go with darker colours like black, navy or charcoal grey. Or you may want a bright visible colour for a running event , so we do fluorescent yellow and pink. Each of our t shirts is available a variety of colours, so depending on your brand colours we can always find a t shirt to suit your needs.

How to place my order?

All of our products are available on our site, and we do have other options available depending on requirements. So you can choose the correct t shirt for you based on style, material and colour and upload your logo and place your order online. Or if you are unsure then please email us at to speak to one of our experts who can advise the suitable garment for your needs

If you have any enquiries then please contact us with details. We can help you to decide which is the best method of print or embroidery for your requirements.

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